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David Associates has been actively involved in owning and managing property in New York City for the past 50 years.  Historically a small, family-owned and operated full-service management firm, David Associates has been dedicated to providing clients with the personal attention that only a boutique company could offer.  Throughout its history, David Associates maintained a solid reputation in the property management industry for hands on, quality management.


David Associates was founded in 1963, and started out owning and managing brownstones. The brownstones were later sold in order to purchase larger, multi-family apartment buildings in Queens and Manhattan. The original partners converted some of the portfolio to cooperative ownership in the 1980s, and nearly 30 years after the conversions, several of the co-ops (along with the apartments owned by the holders of unsold shares) continue to be managed by David Associates.  David Associates has been able to retain the management of these co-op properties for so many years by providing quality management and staying focused on the needs of the individual properties', owners, co-op Boards, and shareholders.


Historically a small company, the David Associates portfolio maintained 1,400 units under management at its peak. In November 2012 David Associates completed a merger with Bronstein Properties.  Both Queens-based and family-owned companies with many of the same core values and philosophies with respect to providing quality property management, the two companies seemed a perfect match. As an affiliate of Bronstein Properties, David Associates’ clients continue to receive the customized attention that they expect, but they now also are afforded the full advantage of the Bronstein Properties’ “larger company” infrastructure and systems. The end result has been excellent, a service-oriented company that is able to provide “small company” style, customized property management with all of the “large company” benefits.


Bronstein Properties manages roughly 7500 residential apartment units located in approximately 135 buildings in Queens, Manhattan, Brooklyn, and the surrounding areas, the majority of which are rental properties.  Bronstein Properties quickly realized the potential in David Associates as a small, 3rd party management firm focused on the cooperative and condominium side of the management business, and has made it its “co-op and condo management division”.


Coupling the David Associates management experience and style with the Bronstein Properties vast infrastructure has allowed David Associates the opportunity to actively expand its management portfolio while offering its clients all the benefits of a large management company while maintaining personal service.

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