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Management Services

Our full-service portfolio and on-site management services include:


  • Supervision of building staff and outside vendors

  • Process and remediate owner issues and complaints

  • Supervision of Individual Apt Improvements (IAI’s)

  • Oversee Major Capital Improvements (MCI’s)

  • Monitor Energy Consumption and Maximize Energy Conservation

  • Works closely with co-op and condo boards to establish and implement policies that will enhance the quality and value of their buildings

  • Preparation for, and attendance at, Board, annual, and other meetings, including the provision of Monthly Management and Financial Reports, Site Inspection Reports, Repair and Work Request Log Reports, and meeting agendas and minutes


Back Office


  • Accounts payable

  • Accounts receivable

  • Cost Control Monitoring

  • Sales and Sublets including screening and credit checks

  • Addressing and clearing violations

  • Building accounting and Investor reporting

  • Legal collections

  • Governmental reporting


  • Complaint forwarding and LIVE message service

  • Email and direct lines to managers for emergencies

  • Emergency vendors on-call

  • Real time alerts for all violations

  • Monitoring of permit expirations

  • Electronic violation clearance

  • Remote access to all software and banking platforms

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